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GardenPatch wrote: ↑I know that TDWaterhouse (WebBroker discount) will allow commission-free DRIPs of registered stock within their discount accounts, but do they also allow no-commission DRIPs of iShares or other ETF's? Is so, what are the stipulations? TD不了解,说说Questrade: 想了解他们是否都有门槛? 没有 另外是否开户就需进行买卖? 不需要 有无年度或月度管理费? 没有 买卖手续费比较? 股票交易是五块多,基金是十块。 买ETF免费。 具体地要看网站 服务如何? 还可以 另外可以买美国的ETFS或股票吗 2006 年, Ameritrade 收購了 TD Bank Financial Group 旗下的 TD Waterhouse USA ,創建了美國最大折扣券商之一德美利證券( TD Ameritrade ),其為平均每日交易量最高的公司。 與 TD Waterhouse 的合並幫助公司擴大了產品供應,且更加集中於長期投資、投資指導和資產集聚方面。 美国德美利证券(亚美利证券,TD Ameritrade)是美国比较有影响力的券商公司(截止2019年6月18日市值277亿美金),前身是1983成立的Ameritrade清算公司,于2006年1月并购了TD Waterhouse USA,并将合并后的新公司改名为TD Ameritrade;2009年1月,TD Ameritrade又以6.06亿美金的价格收购了另一家上市的网上证券交易商 The Motley Fool Canada » Bank Stocks » New Tech and ETF Line Could Catapult Toronto-Dominion Bank TD Waterhouse is a trusted, go-to discount brokerage that retail investors have flocked to

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a convenient option for investors looking for a simplified way to diversify their investment portfolio. Passively-managed ETFs seek to track the performance of a benchmark such as a stock or bond index, but are not actively managed by a fund manager on a daily basis.

"TD Waterhouse is a brokerage firm, which helps people buy and sell stocks. Webbroker is one of their services, which allows clients to access account information online through their website." About TD Waterhouse: TD Waterhouse is the UK's leading execution-only broker†, servicing approx 200,000 UK customers with over £3.77 billion in customer assets (stocks and cash) under management. It is a subsidiary in the TD Bank Group (TDBG), the 6th largest bank in North America by branches. How many commission-free ETFs are offered, if any? 55 All Canadian and U.S.-listed ETFs (if the trade is for 100 shares or more) 100: All Canadian and U.S.-listed ETFs 49 All Canadian and U.S I've been using TD's discount brokerage since 2009 when I made the switch from mutual funds to DIY investing. At that time, the TD Direct Investing WebBroker platform left much to be desired. The legacy web design of TD WebBroker was clunky and difficult to navigate (with 55 different navigational links!), trades cost $29 each way, and the platform offered little in the way of personalized I have about 10,000 euros to invest and I have been procrastinating between opening a TD Waterhouse account in Canada and a TD International account in Luxenburg. I am a Canadian non tax resident living in Spain but have read that it is possible to open an account with TD Waterhouse in Canada to buy ETFs. TD Passive ETFs Search Mutual Funds & ETFs: TD passive ETFs closely track the performance of an index (before the deduction of fees and expenses), providing you with the potential benefits of Canadian fixed income and global equity market exposure.

Ultimately, both the discount brokerages and ETF providers still have to make money which explains why the most popular ETFs still have to be paid for in some fashion and why those that are commission free to buy and sell aren't necessarily the ones investors seek out the most.

Currently I am with TD Waterhouse's Financial Planning division. I have a portfolio of $250,000 and was surprised the Private Investment Advice advisor would take me on as a client as their website states clients must have $500,000+ in invest-able assets. This is the video review of TD Direct Investing's trading plaform from TD Direct Investing transformed to Internaxx. Visit their site: Using Norbert's Gambit for Currency Exchange with TD Waterhouse. The simplest way to explain is to utilize stocks and ETFs that are listed in both the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. For example, TD Bank is a publicly trading company that is listed in both TSE and the NYSE (both as ticker TD). 2 thoughts on TD Ameritrade is one of the largest online brokerages, with 6.6 million funded customer accounts and client assets worth over $650 billion. It has gone through several evolutions within the financial arena, but ultimately became TD Ameritrade in 2006 when it acquired TD Waterhouse USA and TD Financial Group. As a low cost investor I like researching different low cost options and trying to decide which is best for my situation. One question that comes up frequently from investors with small portfolios is whether they should buy low cost index fund such as the TD e-series or by ETFs which have lower mers than the index funds but you have to pay a minimum of $4.95 per trade. I was wondering what if any is the difference between TD ETFs that track an index vs a Vanguard ETF that does the same. I only ask because I'm with TD, and am wondering what the difference is between TTP, TPE, and TPU (Canadian, international, and American indexes), as opposed to the equivalent vanguard index tracking ETFs ( I just notice a lot TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab both allow investors to buy and sell stocks, options, ETFs, and mutual funds inexpensively. In fact, both brokers recently got rid of commissions for online stock

以下是TDAmeritrade的回覆 Good evening! I will be happy to address your concerns regarding the mutual funds mentioned in your e-mail. A U.S. Tax ID is required to purchase VEIEX, VFWIX, VTSMX, and VTWSX. You do not need a U.S. address to purchase these Mutual Funds.

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Our Investment Representatives are available free of charge, and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-800-465-5463. Mutual Fund NAV is as of previous close. All other fund information is based on most recent available data provided by Morningstar.

At 15 I opened a TD TFSA mutual fund cause I was told that was the right thing while growing it through automated transfers. Since then I've opened a few other TFSAs and an RSP totalling ~50K. Now at 26 I want to move from the TD low yielding accounts (4-6%) to a vanguard ETF (8-10%) and not touch for a very long time. Our Investment Representatives are available free of charge, and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-800-465-5463. Mutual Fund NAV is as of previous close. All other fund information is based on most recent available data provided by Morningstar. 12 U.S. ETFs Begin Trading 24/7 on TD Ameritrade By Brenton Garen on January 23, 2018 Traditional hours for U.S. equity markets are from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but plenty of trading occurs in pre TD Waterhouse. TD Waterhouse is the largest online brokerage firm in Canada. Although their fees are competitive, they're not the cheapest of the bunch. If your household assets are more than $50,000, you'll be charged a $9.99 flat-rate trading fee. BMO ETF or TD E-Series Looking on BMO website, it much easier to open a RESP account and buy the BMO ETF such as BMO Canadian Dividend ETF 0.35% MER or BMO S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF 0.15% MER compare to TD E-Series TD Canadian Index 0.33% MER.